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Spray Heads/Rotary Heads


Controls the irrigation sytem and turns it on and off at a desired time and operates the system for a preset period of time. The controllers we install are simple to program while at the same time able to add features and programming flexibility. One of the best ways to to permit your controller to compensate for rainfall is to install a rain sensor which is set to automatically shut down the system to prevent unnecessary watering.

Spray heads give off a very fine atomized mist which make them perfect for garden/shrub areas. Adjustable spray nozzles offer the designer an almost infinite variety of arcs, angles, flows, and precipitation patterns for custom designing your system. Rotary heads are best suited for large open areas. Rotary sprinkler heads turn while throwing out a stream of water. Full and part circle heads are available with various nozzle and pressure ranges. These heads are designed to pop-up during watering and retract after operation. Separate control valves and contoller timing is used to control variations in rate of application that exists between sprays and rotary heads.

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EastCoast Irrigation utilizes the best products manufactured by Hunter, Toro, Rainbird, Weather-matic, and Irritrol to custom design the ultimate irrigation system for your property. A properly installed sprinkler system is an excellent investment.  A properly installed system using quality components takes the work and worry out of watering.


Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation utilizes emitters, bubblers, or trickle methods to dispense water one drop at a time directly ro the root of individual paintings. Drip applies water only to the area needed, run off and the effects of wind are eliminated. Drip is a high maintenance method of applying water which needs to be monitored regularly.


Valves are the mechanical devices that turn on and off each individual sections, "zones", of the sprinkler system. Wires run in the ground along with the main line pipe to the valve and are connected to the controller. Calves are generally buried in a plastic green "valve box".


Backflow Prevention Device

The backflow is used to keep water that passes though the irrigation system from coming back into the public water supply. This device is required to protect the quality and the safety of the drinking water supply. Most states require every lawn sprinkler system installed be protected by a certified backflow prevention device.

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